DIY manual pick and place

Hi everyone, this is my first ever English-language blog post. I just want to share my experience of building a low-cost pick and place tool for SMD components. This idea came up in my mind after I had difficulty to put tiny SMD components on their pads. I am now dealing with a bunch of 0402 SMD components for my project. I am not a robot! My hand is shaking. Since the components are mounted very close to each other, placing tiny parts on high-density PCB is often troublesome even though using fine tip tweezers. The tip of tweezers may hit the adjacent component and makes it off from the pad. Instead of picking a part from its side, it is easier to pick component up from the top side by using a vacuum pump.  This technique can minimize the possibility of smashing adjacent part, but it does not solve the shaking hand. So, I need a special tool to eliminate this issue.

Here is how it looks like. Those white-colored parts are 3D printed items.

Pick and place

Figure 1

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